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Tribal Pop face appliquée

Stick face appliqués to create runway fashion looks 

Tribal Pop face appliqués will allow you to create runway looks, accentuate your eyes in different areas, show off a perfect black eye-crease line or inspire you to create a super daunting look. 

The longer lines are great to place right on the socket of the eye or just a little over. You can also place them symmetrically from between your eyebrows to the outer sides of your forehead. 

The upside down eyeliner was developed for under the lower eyelid, just below the lower lash line, but you can use them on other face areas. 

The vertical stick-ons are great for the center of your face, chin, nose, and forehead. 

The round dots work really well on the inner and outer corner of the eyes, just below you iris or on the arch of the eyebrows where you usually would use a highlighter. 

✓ Dermatologically tested

✓ Stretches

✓ Waterproof

✓ No makeup remover required



One sheet contains contains 39 Tribal Pop face appliqués in shiny and matte black. 


Shipping to France : 1 to 3 days

Worldwide shipping : 3 to 5 days

Shipping is FREE on all orders over 45 euros. 

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