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Stick on eyeliners
Brazilian colors - 4 shapes

  • Stick-on colored eyeliners

    A flawless Brazilian eyeliner in just a few seconds

    Save time on your daily makeup with these self-adhesive winged eyeliners. No hassle with your makeup and no makeup remover panda eyes. Enjoy the beauty of working out, dancing all night long or going to the beach and having a totally non smudge look.

    Add some colour to your makeup. Think about your denim look: the eyeliners in blue will add a super kick to you makeup. For the summer the turquoise eyeliner (which you will find in the pack with summer colors) creates a total fall in love look.

    The eyeliners are made of stretchable and perforated material. Thanks to the stretchy quality and the little pores they will adapt to eyelid movements and allow the skin to breathe. The thin material makes them very comfortable to wear and after a few minutes they become imperceptible.

    ✓ Dermatologically tested

    ✓ Stretcheable

    ✓ Water proof

    ✓ Smudge free



    One sheet contains 12 pairs of self-adhesive, ready-to-go wing eyeliners in black, dark blue, light blue, white, yellow and green (in 4 different shapes).

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