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Dermatologically tested

All of MILY’s products are non-irritating and dermatologically tested. They are made in Germany and have been tested and approved even for children's skin and sensitive eyes.


Weather and water proof

Whether you’re dancing in the humid heat of a jungle party or singing in the rain, don’t worry. Your makeup stays put.


Smudge free

No fading, creasing or smudging. No penciling, no painting.

Instant symmetry, perfection and elegance. No makeup remover required, just peel them off.



How to apply the MILY MAKE UP products?

Here are the instructions and video tutorials.


Can I use an eye cream or face cream before applying my stick-on eyeliners?

Yes you should. Just give it a minute so the cream penetrates the skin. After that make sure your hands are clean (not greasy) when handling the stickers. Be aware that creams and foundation with silicone may weaken the stickiness of your stick-ons.

Can I apply my eyeliners over foundation?

A little bit of foundation shouldn’t be a problem (unless it contains silicon).

Can I apply my stick-on eyeliners over face-powder and eye-shadow?

No. Freshly applied powder and eye-shadow will prevent your stick-on eyeliners from sticking. You can always apply your shadows and powder afterwards which is what we recommend. 

I have a very sensitive skin, will I be able to wear the stick-on eyeliners? 

All of MILY’s products are non-irritating and dermatologically tested. They are made in Germany, in facilities that meet the strictest requirements. The products have been tested and approved under both the European cosmetic and the toy safety legislation for the use of our products also by children. The products are made of polyethylene and acrylic based adhesive. 


Will I feel the eyeliners?

You might feel something for about 2 or 3 minutes but after that you shouldn’t notice them anymore. If you still feel uncomfortable wearing them after a few minutes you should lift them up and adjust in case they were not properly placed or the skin is pulling.

I'm a woman with oriental or Asian origins. Will MILY's stick-ons be suitable for my eyes and face?

Yes! And there is a little plus because when applied to your eyes, the eyeliners help to push the eyelid up!Great for hooded eyes!



Watch the review video by Serena Verbon, Dutch beauty blogster and founder of BeautyLabNL.

*note: video was not sponsored by MILY