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Our Privacy Policy

We process information about you in accordance with EU laws on data privacy and the below mentioned privacy policy.

By using the website (the ‘Website’), you consent to the processing of your personal data and you warrant that all data provided by you is accurate.

The party responsible for processing data is:

Mily Serebrenik

Eptingerstrasse 22

4052 Basel


AHV Nr: 756.9679.2368.73

Upon visiting the Website, certain anonymous information may be recorded. Such information may include the name of the internet service provider from which you have access to the internet, the search engine and keywords that were used to locate our website, the date and time you accessed the Website and the pages you consulted on the Website. This information is for internal purposes only, i.e. to measure and to monitor the use of the Website and to improve its quality and its content.

Furthermore, it is possible that you voluntarily provide certain personal data, such as for example name, address, sex, email address, home and cell phone number, during a visit to the Website. The personal data that are provided voluntarily are collected in a database controlled by us. We may process such information for the purpose of providing useful services, information or articles.

Unless you explicitly opt out of any such use, the personal data may be made available to companies related with us or to third parties contractually related with us.

You are entitled to inspect your personal details, correct any errors or have the details removed from the database at any time.