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Mily's Mini Eye Flashes

  • All-in-one cat eyes, eyelash extensions and fake lashes effect!

    With the Mini Eye Flashes you can create much more than just a feline flick! The little stick-on lashes will offer you an all-in-one dream about eyes effect (cat eyes, eyelash extensions or fake lashes). Place them on the outer corner of the upper lid and you will look as cute as a pussy cat. For a professional makeup finishing add a little bit of eyeshadow or black pencil on the outer corner of you eye to create a perfect 2, 3, or 4 wings eyeliner.

    ✓ Hypoallergenic

    ✓ Stretches and breathes

    ✓ Water proof

    ✓ No make up remover required

    Buy them here online; you won't find them elsewhere online at a lower price.


    One sheet contains:

    - 10 pairs of black eye flashes (in 4 shapes)

    - 1 star

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