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Les Mouches

  • Create a romantic touch with the stick-on beauty spots

    For centuries women all over the world have used temporary beauty spots to deliver a hidden, usually romantic message. In French they are called “les mouches”. MILY MAKE UP has created a range of temporary beauty marks so you too can enjoy this romantic intrigue.

    Achieve a sweet retro flirty look with just one little hart to enhance your cheek. More than one " grain de beauté" spread over your face and décolleté will bring you to the Ancien Régime (15th to the 18th century in France) and to the Venetian carnival. Back then "Les Mouches" were made of a small round of taffeta or velvet.

    It's so easy to play with the beauty spots. Placing the round dots symmetrically on your face will give you an exotic tribal style. Placing lots of little stars and harts on your cheeks just like freckles and lining up the mouches on your neck or arms will work as a delicate tattoo.

    Easy to apply: just peel off, apply and adjust.

    ✓ Dermatologically tested

    ✓ Water proof

    ✓ Smudge free




    One sheet contains the following self-adhesive beauty spots:

    - black: dot, star, kiss, heart

    - in red: fly, kiss, heart