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We're big fans of great musicians. And these musicians love MILY as well. 

Everywhere Oh La La! comes they unleash a massive party. Electronic pop rock at its best. Brutal and sexy. We're hooked, that's for sure.


Hailey Tuck was born and raised in Austin, Texas. On her 18th birthday, she did what any teenager with a love of 30s jazz, vintage dresses and Edith Piaf would do: She bought a one-way ticket to Paris. Hailey quickly established herself as a favorite on the Parisian jazz scene. Rightfully so.


HARD TON. Disco electro. Outrageous. We say Amen to that! 


Who can say that he has been making music for the last 50 years and released 13 albums along the way? Respect for French artist Christophe!



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